Shipping and return policies for koen de wit

Shipping Info
Do you deliver to where I live?
Yes, I'll ship to anywhere in the world! My standard deliveries are sent via PostNL (without tracking).

I've heard that deliveries to South America and parts of Asia take a long time?
I've had reports of slow deliveries to certain places such as Brazil and Singapore. If you're concerned, please contact me for Express delivery - it's fully trackable and usually arrives in 2-5 business days. Extra shipping costs will be billed to your PayPal account.

Where are you based?
In Breda, the Netherlands.

What happens to my delivery if I'm not at home?
Many of my packages are small enough to fit through most domestic letterboxes. If you picked Express shipping, your local delivery agent may require a signature. If you work during the day, it's best to have your order delivered to your work address. In that case please make sure you have registered that address with PayPal.

I want to place a large order. Will it all ship together?
Please contact me before placing a large order (>5) so I can calculate how long it takes to burn and print. I try to ship whole orders together. If there are any delays or some products take longer to print, I might split it up (but I'll keep it to a minimum).

I want to place a large order and have different packs delivered to different places. Do I still qualify for reduced shipping costs?
Sorry, no. I have to pay shipping for every separate delivery; I can only cut the price when multiple items are going to the same delivery address.

I need my order delivered sooner, can I pay extra for faster shipping?
I normally say to allow 5 days for me to burn, print and hand pack your order, but if you need it faster, please contact me before placing your order.

What days do you send out orders?
Every weekday, Monday to Friday (also known as 'business days' or 'working days').

How much does postage and packaging cost?
It depends what you've ordered and which shipping method you have selected. Exact prices are shown when you place your order. If you'd like to see a list of basic shipping costs, please contact me before placing your order.
Return Policy
My order arrived but it's not at all what I expected. What can I do?
Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. Contact me and tell me what the problem is. If I can fix it, I will.

My order has arrived damaged.
I'm very sorry to hear about this - please contact me and we'll sort it out.

My order has arrived, but something's missing. Where are my missing items?
In some circumstances, I may have shipped items from your order separately. Some items can take a little longer to burn and print, so if they're missing, they'll probably arrive in the next couple of days.

If you are missing any other items, please contact me and we'll get it sorted out as soon as possible.

Do I need to return the damaged items?
Not normally, no. If I'd like to see them, I'll let you know.

Can I get a refund?
I only issue refunds in exceptional circumstances - I'd much rather fix any problems and make sure you're happy with your order. If you have any problems or complaints, please get in touch. My first priority is to get the correct order sent to you as quickly as possible.